BTS 8/14/06: The Sinking Ship of US Imperial Designs; LA Jews for Peace

Listen: Gilbert Achcar - Marcy Winograd

We're going to go deep beneath the surface tonight on the ramifications of the conflict in the Middle East as we mark the first day of the official ceasefire between Israel and Lebanon. Gilbert Achcar joins us for an extended conversation on what he sees as the sinking ship of US imperial designs.

Then, Marcy Winograd joins us in studio. She's played a leading role in organizing opposition to the US support of Israel's disastrous drive into Lebanon. And Marcy Winograd is the peace candidate who ran against Jane Harman in the 36th district and took 38% of the vote. Wo we'll talk about the significance of the recent Lieberman defeat in the Connecticut primary - another sign of the primacy of ME politics these days.

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1. Gilbert Achcar grew up in Lebanon and teaches political science at the Univ or Paris VIII. His best-selling book, The Clash of Barbarisms, just came out in a second expanded edition and a book of his dialogues with Noam Chomsky on the Middle East, Perilous Power is forthcoming, both from Paradigm Publishers. He joins us by phone from Paris.

2. Marcy Winograd ran as a peace candidate against Jane Harman in the 36th District, and took 38% of the vote. She is now active in Jewish Voices for Peace, holding weekly vigils to protest Israel’s overwhelming force in Lebanon.