BTS 6/5/06: California Primary Election; The Last Spymaster

Listen: Marcy Winograd - Bill Bradley - Gayle Lynds

Tomorrow we go to the polls to pick the opponent to Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger in the fall. Neither candidate has generated much if any enthusiasm among Democrats. This election tells us much about the crisis of the Democrats and, more to the point, about the hollowed-out nature of electoral politics in general. There are some high points and we’ll try to cover them tonight with Bill Bradley.

But first we’ll talk to Marcy Winograd, who is challenging Congresswoman Jane Harman in the 36th district and doing so effectively.

Finally, for all you spy thriller novel enthusiasts, Gayle Lynds, arguably the finest espionage writer who always manages to anticipate global trends and intelligence tomfoolery, using strong women to boot, has just unleashed another one, The Last Spymaster. Gayle joins us in our last segment tonight.

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1. Marcy Winograd is President of Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles. She is running for Congress to replace pro-war incumbent Jane Harman in the 36th District.

2. Bill Bradley is a third generation Californian, award-winning columnist and political analyst, and former advisor and operative in dozens of Democratic campaigns ranging from the city council to the White House. The LA Weekly political writer is the longtime publisher of the New West Notes newsletter, which has a California elections forecasting rate of over 90 percent over the past decade-and-a-half.

3. Gayle Lynds is a former think tank editor with top secret clearance. She is the author of The Coil, Mesmerized, Masquerade, Mosaic, and co-author with Robert Ludlum on three other novels.