BTS 5/8/06: May 1 Immigrant Rights; Progressive Democrat Challenge 36th District; Cuban Revolution

Listen: Gustavo Arellano - Marcy Winograd - Samuel Farber

A week ago on May Day, millions marched, while businesses were shuttered for the Day Without an Immigrant protest/work stoppage. There were two marches in Los Angeles with something like a million marching. Five miles of LA’s Main thoroughfare -- Wilshire Boulevard – were shut down for five hours during the work day to accommodate the march. There were also marches and action in Orange County – the Mexican-bashing capital of the US that gave us both the Minuteman Project and Proposition 187. Gustavo Arellano, whose opinion piece is in today’s LA Times, joins us to compare notes and draw the lessons from an historic first of May.

We then turn to Marcy Winograd, who is challenging Congresswoman Jane Harman’s seat in the 36th District in the June 6 primary. Winograd, an LA teacher and Progressive Democrat decided someone has to challenge Harman’s acquiescence to Bush’s warrantless wiretapping and war, and is getting a lot of support. Other maverick Democrats are also challenging the sitting Democrats who are not effectively fighting the Bush agenda. Marcy Winograd joins us in studio.

And finally, on tonight’s BTS, we talk to Sam Farber about his new book, The Origins of the Cuban Revolutions Reconsidered. Farber takes a new look at the causes and course of the revolution and challenges the dominant view that US policy forced the revolutionaries into the Soviet embrace.

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1. Gustavo Arellano is a staff writer with OC Weekly, where he writes the "¡Ask a Mexican!" column.

2. Marcy Winograd is President of Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles. She is running for Congress to replace pro-war incumbent Jane Harman in the 36th District.

3. Samuel Farber was born and raised in Cuba. He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley in 1969 and has been at Brooklyn College since 1978. He is the author of Revolution and Reaction in Cuba. 1933-1960, A Political Sociology from Machado to Castro (Wesleyan University Press, 1976), and Before Stalinism: The Rise and Fall of Soviet Democracy (Polity Press/Basil Blackwell and Verso, 1990), Social Decay and Transformation. A View From the Left (Lexington Press, 2000).