BTS 4/3/06: The Need for "Out Now"; Criminal Justice Reform; National Student Labor Week Of Action

Listen: Gilbert Achcar - Brandyn Keating - Carl Lipscombe / Colin Robinson

Three years into the Iraq War President Bush has told the public he intends to stay the course, regardless of public support. The anti-war discussion is divided between those calling for immediate withdrawal, and those in favor of phased withdrawal or strategic redeployment. Joining us from Berlin is Gilbert Achcar, who has recently published several articles calling for “out now.”

The NY Times recently highlighted the work going on in Boston, San Francisco and Chicago challenging criminal records that follow law abiding ex-offenders, increasing recidivism and preventing a second chance at a decent life. We have covered this work on BTS and tonight we’ll talk to Brandyn Keating from the Criminal Justice Policy Coalition in Brockton, Massachusetts about the radical reform efforts going on that are making a difference.

And finally – this is the National Student Labor Week of Action, and the actions of mostly Latino high school students walking out in protest of the immigration bill passed by the House is just one part of actions all over the country. We’ll talk to Carl Lipscombe, national coordinator for the Student Labor Action Project (SLAP), and Colin Robinson, a student at the University of Vermont, about this Week of Action.

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1. Gilbert Achcar teaches at the University of Paris-VIII and is author of The Clash Of Barbarisms and Eastern Cauldron (Monthly Review Press, New York, 2002 and 2004)

2. Brandyn Keating is Executive Director of the Criminal Justice Policy Coalition, a criminal justice reform network based in Boston, Massachusetts.

3. Carl Lipscombe is a national organizer with the Student Labor Action Project (SLAP), an organization formed in 1999 to support, advise, and solidify the student-labor work that is energizing campuses and communities across the country.

4. Colin Robinson is a student at the University of Vermont, participating in this year's National Student Labor Week of Action.