BTS 4/10/06: Immigration Protests; French Victory; Italian Elections

Listen: Danielle Hernandez - Sebastian Budgen - Judy Harris / Alan Minsky

On tonight’s BTS we look at a day of protest, victory and tension from the streets of the US to Paris, to Italy. Following historic-sized massive pro-immigrant marches in Dallas, San Diego, Salt Lake City, St. Paul, Miami, Boise and Des Moines yesterday, today is a national day of protest under the banner “today we act, tomorrow we vote.” Daniel Hernandez from the LA Weekly joins us in studio.

We then cross the Atlantic where student-worker protests in France have scored a huge victory: President Chirac withdrew and repealed the controversial law that would eliminate job security for young workers. Sebastian Budgen fills us in from Paris.

And finally on tonight’s BTS – a harrowingly close national election in Italy for the last two days may have produced a victory for Berlusconi against the Center-left – we won’t know for sure for hours, right now it is a split election – but Judy Harris in Rome has been following the ups and downs all day in this roller coaster election and we’ll get the latest from her. Alan Minsky will join us in studio for this segment.

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1. Daniel Hernandez is a staff writer at the LA Weekly. He is formerly of the LA Times, and is editor in chief of the Daily Californian. In the last few weeks he has written on the influence of Spanish language media, the significance of the student walkouts in Southern California and the continued mobilization of immigrants who oppose the punitive legislation passed by the House, but stalled in the Senate.

2. Sebastian Budgen is the editor of Historical Materialism and author of many articles. He lives in France and has been active in the protests over the last month against the law that would eliminate job security for young people – which was withdrawn by President Chirac in a huge upset for his prime minister Dominique de Villepin, who had championed the First Job Contract or CPE.

3. Judy Harris is a veteran ex-pat journalist and a former Italy staffer for the Wall Street Journal and TIME magazine.