BTS 12/5/2005: The Plight of the LA Times; Abu Ghraib and the American Media

Listen: Steve Wasserman - Lila Rajiva - Brian Deshaser

The Los Angeles Times announced it is slashing 85 people from its news staff, despite millions in corporate profits. Many of its readers are still reeling from the shake-up of its editorial pages including the firing of columnist Robert Scheer a few weeks ago. Steve Wasserman, former editor of the LA Times Book Review joins us to discuss the plight of the Times.

Later in the hour Lila Rajiva joins us to talk about her new book, just out from Monthly Review Press, The Language of Empire: Abu Ghraib and the American Media, and finally Pacifica Archives Director Brian DeShazor talks to us about a very special day of cultural programming.

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1. Steve Wasserman worked for a total of 14 years at the Los Angeles Times under four different editors-in-chief in two principal capacities—as deputy editor for five years at the Op-Ed page and the paper’s Sunday Opinion section, and, most recently, for nine years as editor of the Los Angeles Times Book Review. He is currently managing director of the New York office of Kneerim & Williams at Fish & Richardson, a literary agency.

2. Lila Rajiva is a web activist and freelance journalist based in Baltimore. She has an advanced degree in politics from the Johns Hopkins University and has taught at the University of Maryland. Her writings can be found on Dissident Voice, Counterpunch, and Alternet, among others.