BTS 10/10/2005: Texans in Trouble; California Special Election; Iraqi Constitution; "Occupation: Dreamland"

Listen: Lou Dubose - Bobbi Murray / Bill Bradley - Rahul Mahajan / Garrett Scott

On Tonight’s BTS we begin with the Texans in trouble – Tom DeLay and Karl Rove (OK, he’s the transplanted Texan from Colorado) – and the next Texans about to become very influential: Harriet Miers, Bush’s pick for Sandra Day O’Connor’s Supreme Court seat, and the man speaking for her, Texas Supreme Court Justice Nathan Hecht, alternately described as her ‘companion’ and sometimes her ‘boyfriend.’ Lou Dubose, our favorite when it comes to all matters Texan, joins us.

We then move to California’s special election and the propositions that matter, with LA journalists Bill Bradley and Bobbi Murray.

Finally we turn to Iraq: Rahul Mahajan joins us for an update on the Iraqi Constitution that will be put to Iraqi voters on Sunday, and then turn to Garrett Scott, co-director of the award winning documentary, "Occupation: Dreamland" -- A film for those who think that embedded journalism never yields results. The film makers follow unit 24/7 of the 82nd Airborne Division in Iraq, travelling with the soldiers when they were stationed near Falluja, just before Falluja became a household name – and one of the grimmest hotbeds of the war. The result is revealing and surprising and tells us a lot about American war-making in the 21st Century.

Read More for info on tonight's guests:

1. Lou Dubose, the former politics editor of the Austin Chronicle, is co-author, with Molly Ivins, of Shrub: The Short But Happy Political Life of George W. Bush (Vintage). He also is the author, with Jan Reid of The Hammer: Tom DeLay, God, Money, and the Rise of the Republican Congress. Also, Lou Dubose has an article in the September 30 LA Weekly, “The Hammer Gets Nailed: Tom DeLay’s political games come to an end.”

2. Bill Bradley writes about California politics for the LA Weekly and is a long-term democratic political strategist.

3. Bobbi Murray, a Criminal Justice Fellow at USC’s Institute for Justice and Journalism is a Los Angeles-based freelance journalist who writes for L.A. CityBeat, L.A. Weekly and Los Angeles Magazine on local politics, and for The Nation on national political movements such as the campaign for a living wage and the fight to stop predatory lending. She is working on an article for LA City Beat on Propositions 74 and 75.

4. Rahul Mahajan is the author of Full Spectrum Dominance: US Power in Iraq and Beyond (Seven Stories Press) and The New Crusade: America’s War on Terrorism (Monthly Review Press.) He blogs at .

5. Garrett Scott is co-director (with Ian Olds) of Occupation: Dreamland and a documentary filmmaker. This is his second film - his first film was Cul-De-Sac: A Suburban War Story. Occupation: Dreamland opens on Friday, October 14, at the Laemmle Fairfax 3, 7907 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, 90048.