BTS 1/26/09: State of Labor; Medicare for All; UK Financial Meltdown

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On tonight’s program we begin with Tom Geoghagen, author of Which Side are you On? Trying to Be For Labor When it’s Flat on its Back. He is a labor lawyer and warrior for justice who is running for Rahm Emmanuel's congressional seat in Illinois's Fifth District. We’ll talk to him about the race, the state of labor and more.

We then turn to Jamie Court, president of Consumer Watchdog and another a consummate crusader against corporateering who recently asked a simple question in a Jan 24 LA Times op-ed piece: Why should we have to be 65 to have access to public healthcare? We’ll talk to him about opening “Medicare for All,” and whether the proposed cuts in the California Budget crisis can be avoided.

Finally, the economic crisis deepens by the day, and as bad as it is here, Britain appears to be on the edge of bankruptcy. We’ll ask Hillel Ticktin in the UK whether Britain is the new Iceland – and we’ll also ask him about the nature of the financial crisis on his side of the Atlantic, how it differs from the American crisis, where the safety net has shredded, and more.

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1. Tom Geoghagen, labor lawyer and warrior for justice extraordinaire, is running for Rahm Emmanuel's congressional seat in Illinois's Fifth District.

2. Jamie Court, Consumer Watchdog's President, is an award-winning and nationally recognized consumer advocate. Court is the author of Corporateering: How Corporate Power Steals Your personal Freedom And What You Can Do About It (Tarcher/Putnam, June 2003). The Los Angeles Times writes, "Crisply written and lucidly argued, 'Corporateering' will certainly strike a chord with those concerned about the erosion of their rights and looking for tips on how to fight back." ( Court is co-author of Making A Killing: HMOs and the Threat To Your Health (Common Courage Press, 1999) — which Publisher's Weekly says is "one of the most powerful indictments of the managed care industry."

3. Hillel Ticktin is editor of Critique, author of hundreds of articles on the political economy of Russia and the former Soviet Union, the history of socialism, the nature of finance capital, Marx, Trotsky and more. He is Professor Emeritus of the Centre for the Study of Socialist Theory and Movements and the Institute of Russian and East European Studies at the University of Glasgow