BTS 5/28/07: Iraq War Wounded; Ending the Iraq War; Migrant Deaths

On this Memorial Day we commemorate by looking at how to end the war in Iraq – with Tom Hayden, whose new book Ending the War in Iraq continues his years of service to this country: years of anti-war, legislative and oppositional experience combine with his historical understanding, strategic thinking and commitment to peace and justice to lay out a plan to apply public pressure to the pillars of war policy to finally end the war.

But first, we begin with the casualties of this war – the vets who on this day of remembrance are getting short shrift from the medical system they now require for life – and are getting denied benefits due to a diagnosis of personality disorder. Joshua Kors returns to BTS to update us on the saga of mistreatment of the war wounded once they return.

And finally on this Memorial Day we memorialize the ones who aren’t remembered, who die horrible deaths in torrid heat, the workers who trek north to do essential work and feed their families. More of them have died each year in the Arizona desert than all of those who were killed crossing the Berlin Wall in all the years of its existence. We speak to Walt Staton of No Mas Muertes, No More Deaths.

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1. Joshua Kors is a freelance journalist based in New York. His article “How Specialist Town Lost His Benefits” appeared in the April 9 issue of The Nation and went beyond the scandal at Walter Reed and the shabby treatment of veterans (and the troops) to show how soldiers are being at least triply cheated

2. Tom Hayden is a founding member of SDS and author of its visionary call to action, The Port Huron statement, one of the Chicago 8 protesters during the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention who were charged with conspiracy in the famous ‘show trial’ – and later had their convictions overturned; served eighteen years in the California state Assembly and State Senate, mayoral candidate, public activist and intellectual, author or editor of thirteen books, and a leading voice for getting rid of sweatshops, ending the war, saving the environment, and activating citizenry.

3. Walt Staton is the Web Tech for the Sonoran Institute – his work on the Arizona Daily Wildcat’s online desk where his site design won national awards. No More Deaths volunteers have been working around the clock in Nogales to provide deported migrants with food, water, medical help and information. Border Patrol vehicles and buses drop migrants off 24-hours a day - most in need of food and water and many requiring medical attention.